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Auto Commenter Plugin.

Search Engines are always scan posts for comments. Comments are always the most important criteria for the Search Engines, because if a post has too many comments it means the viewers like the post.

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What is WPACP? How does it work?

WPACP is the nickname of WordPress Auto Commenter Plugin. And you can send scheduled and advanced comments to your website’s posts by this plugin. We always work to improve more than before WPACP every day because we use WPACP on our websites too. - my WordPress admin panel!

Get started in 5 simple steps…

Manual Launcher.

WPACP has “Manual Launcher” module for sending predetermined comments to one post or multiple posts.

Advanced Settings Module.

WPACP has an advanced “Settings” module to set what needs for commenting (schedule,word filter,names,comments etc...).

Tweet Thief.

WPACP has “Tweet Thief” module for grabbing tweets with your keywords from twitter to use in comments.

Ping Mode.

WPACP has “Ping Mode” for sending pings to best ping services after every comment sends to index(or re-index) commented post adresses.

Free Large Lists.

WPACP includes the largest Mails,Names,Comments lists. (100.000 lines for each you can find these in Downloads page).

Convinced? Great, lets get started…

Still not sure? Get your feet wet with our Demo. It’s completely free and available on our demo site.

Features That Matter

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Randomize Information

All comments sender informations will be random i.e, (IP, Sender name, Sender email, Sender website, Comments etc... in your Settings)

Automatic Approval

All comments are automatically approved by system.

Tweet Thief Awesomeness

Tweet Thief is a plugin for grab tweets about your keyword to a “.txt” file. It has advanced and easy to use twitter tweets grabber to create “.txt” file with grabbed the tweets about your entered keyword line by line.

Interface Language

You can set the interface Language by our Supported Languages List.

Category Selection

You can set which category or categories (you can select multiple from your category list) you want to send comments by WPACP..

Post Type Selection

You can set posts’ type for send comments by WPACP with two options. “Posts which have no comments yet” or “All posts”.